Thursday, 4 March 2010

Review: Rocks Off Ass Berries - Blackberry

First off, big thanks go to the gorgeous guys and girls at Adult Pleazurezone who sent me this for review!

The Rocks Off brand has been pretty well known for quite some time now, even more so after they launched the Rock Chick. All their toys use the legendary RO-80mm Bullet that they're so well known for, which on it's own is a fantastic bullet. As long-time readers of Nymphetamine Kiss will know, I'm quite a fan of anal play. So, when I got the chance to review the Rocks-Off Blackberry from the Assberries range, I jumped at it!

The Blackberry is the larger toy in the Assberries, but still doesn't look intimidating to the eye. It's essentially one of the afforementioned RO-80mm bullets in a butt plug shaped sleeve, made of Rocks-Off's own "IntraMed material" - and while I'm not entirely sure what goes into that, Rocks-Off do assure it's completely hypo-allergenic, and of course it's free of phthalates and is latex-free.

 Now, on to how it performs! I was impressed with how the vibrations carried through the toy, though I wasn't all that surprised given the quality of the bullet [which comes with batteries, by the way!] and the material used for the sleeve. There is a faint seam running across the toy, but it really isn't noticable and it doesn't look like it's going to cause any problems later, so I'm fine with that. The bullet is only one speed, but the vibrations it produces are a lot of fun, so I didn't find myself wishing for more variability.

The texture is unusual, but hasn't presented any problems for cleaning. Size wise, it does present something of a challenge for me - it's deceptively small to the eye... but bigger to the ass! The great thing about this is that it'd present a challenge for comparitive anal newbies, but should still hold some satisfaction for the more practiced anal enthusiast.

I was really impressed by the gradient at the neck of the plug too, as this meant there really was no issue of it slipping out - an issue I've experienced previously. Used together with a high-quality anal lube, this makes for great fun. I'd advise not using silicone lube as I suspect the sleeve may be silicone, as I have seen it referred to as such before.

 All in all, I was impressed by this and it'll certainly be incorporated into mine and my partners play in the future! Also, the wonderful people at Adult Pleasurezone have given me an exclusive 10% discount voucher for my readers! Enter the code LIFIRE at the checkout! cheap sex toys available @ Adult Pleasurezone!

NK x


the22ndcatch said...

Great review, thanks!

I've always found though that the material from which Rocks Off wrap their RO-80s, like the Slinky Pinky and the Rock Chick for example, is so dense that it deadens some of the sensation. I recently tried a Chinese rip off; the material was of a far lower quality but because it was less dense the sensation was far more profound.

That's just a minor observation though; i'm still a big fan of Rocks Off stuff and love the ass-berry.

Thanks again!

LivingFire said...

Ooh, interesting point.

I'm sort of torn on the material-density issue.. I have other buttplugs which are too soft, so having one that really isn't, is quite good. Then again, once the batteries start wearing down I suspect it will be more noticable!

Thanks for the comment!

LF x

Curvaceous Dee said...

Am really pleased that the Assberry worked for you! Unfortunately for us, it was a disaster ...

(Here via Pleasurists, as I see we both reviewed the same toy!)

xx Dee

LivingFire said...

Yeah I checked out your review, and it surprised me too actually - we seemed to have such differing experiences! I spent a while holding my ass berry up to the screen to see if the flares were comparible etc - I'm still not certain!

LF x