Saturday, 17 April 2010

Review: California Exotics Masseur Clitoral Vibrator

California Exotics have been working for some time on their Couture Collection and have added many more products to the line recently. One of which is the "Masseur", a clitoral massager-style vibe which picks up where the likes of the Fun Factory LayaSPOT left off. Available in both metallic pink and a sleek black shade, the Masseur is five inches in length, and a little under two inches wide, with graduated curves designed to hug the female form in all the right places. Coming in completely cringe-free packaging, all it takes to get going are two triple A batteries and some 'alone time'. (If you like... the latter is really up to you!) In use, the Masseur is operated via two buttons; one being the on/off and on to adjust the setting - of which there are seven in all. So many vibes I have used in the past would have been significantly improved by the addition of an on/off switch, rather than having to cycle through many options to get to switch off! The buttons are easy to access, though the natural flow of the toy means where I find I would naturally hold it isn't ideal for the buttons, so I have to make sure I keep my fingers off them! (This may just be an issue for me and for similarly big-handed folk!) The contures of the toy do mean, however, that it snuggles nicely in towards my clit, so I don't seem to have to do too much work to get it to find the right angle. The big flaw in the Masseur though, is the vibrations. I don't know whether it's an issue within the materials (abs plastic with silicone, so fairly standard?) or the motor strength, but I found the vibrations didn't carry enough for me. It's not so much the "I need a stronger buzz" issue, more that the vibrations were... there. They just didn't seem to be travelling per se. Being waterproof, it's a doddle to clean and the box is designed in such a way it makes a great little storage box for the toy. Personally, my verdict is that the Masseur makes for a great massager style vibe if you like unfocussed, spread out vibrations. If a directed 'buzz' is more your thing, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. The Masseur isn't on any of the toy sites I know and trust yet, but you can explore the Cal Exotics range at LoveHoney (UK) or Eden Fantasys (US), or explore the Cal Exotics site!

NK x

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TheCaraSutra said...

Excellent review and gorgeous looking massager. I personally prefer direct vibrations in a very specific place, well targetted so go more for bullet styles...
Thank you for reviewing this and letting us know how it is!
Cara (TheCaraSutra)