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Just a quickie today…

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

For I feel there isn’t a lot to say!

The LoveHoney mammoth sale has started today and I’ve been very restrained – I’ve only bought one item, the mini magnetic vibe which is done from £14.99 to £1.99!!! Something not too phenomenal I should imagine, but a laugh at £2!

There are also interesting whispers coming from Ruth LH about christmas day and a couple of luxury things at bargain prices… I shall have to log on christmas day I think!

I’m probably the least sex obsessed I have ever been at the moment.. Just really stressed by Christmas, college and everything.

I also haven’t seen himself since a week and a half ago. :(

I hope to update you in a far more positive fashion soon.

NK x

An Independent Mind…?

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

I’ve had a programme sat waiting for me on my Sky+ for over a week – a feature length documentary made by Rex Bloomstein called An Independent Mind, which I finally got round to watching last night.

It features 8 characters from across the globe, all with very different lives but each with their own story to tell in relation to freedom (or lack thereof) of speech. The one that is most relevant in the context of this blog has to be that of Chinese sex blogger, Mu Zimei. At it’s height of popularity, her blog received 10m+ hits a day. It’s no great surprise then, that she was approached to turn her blog into a book to be published (especially in the context of other notable sex bloggers who have had similar deals – “Abby Lee” etc).

The difference there, of course, is that Abby (as she chose to be known) was in a country where censorship laws are actually far more relaxed than I’d say we give them credit for. Don’t get me wrong; there are times when I feel various bodies overstep the line here too, but nothing NEAR what they did to Mu. The book was effectively banned, then she lost her job in journalism, hasn’t been able to publish anything in mainland China since 2003, and was pressured to shut down her blog. There is still considerable moral outrage directed at Mu in China – people allegedly calling her the “town bike” and a “willing slut”. Lets not forget, though, that historically speaking, China doesn’t have the greatest track record in respect for human rights. In context, it’s hardly a surprise that they took such issue with Mu.

There are times when you realise how lucky you are to live here. It’s easy to say the UK is a bad place to live, to point out it’s failings and flaws… But all things considered it might not be such a terrible place. Vibrators and dildos are legal, for example (Unlike Texas) and we can blog about fucking all we want.

A day to be glad of the freedoms we are granted, perhaps?

NK x

Too Many?

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

I know I have a lot of toys. That’s obvious, and pretty much indisputable.
Recently I’ve seen a couple of posts by fellow bloggers about the amount of toys they have and normally included a pic.

So, earlier, I nipped to my bedroom and collected the lovelies on my bed. Appologies for the unstraightened sheet (and yes, it is grey… goes well with the black metal the bed is and the black duvet – what a goth, eh?!)…

NOT in that pic are my plain metal handcuffs, my fluffy black handcuffs and my spankties.

Hmm, it is quite a bit. But as I disagree fundamentally with the concept of “too many” it cannot be so! It’s both crazy and amazing that there are still other things I want, isn’t it?

The vibe near the centre, transparent blue with an egg vibe in it and a white battery compartment? That was my first ever. I think it may have to go bye-byes in the rabbit amnesty. Seeing as you can send more than one (i think – i’ll have to check again!) i might also sling the white one next to it, tbh. It’s not the best thing and it’s seen better days. I should probably consider the same fate for the Sex Pistol (the purple and black spikey thing from ann summers a long time ago) as it doesnt and more than likely wont see use…

In fact – I’ve been eyeing the Jessica Rabbit Platinum – and while the LH price of £29.99 is good, £14.99 post amnesty discount is mighty mighty tempting!


NK x

Weekend ftw…

Monday, December 15th, 2008

My weekend was good. Very good in fact.

Things had been a little rocky (to say the least) with R, but somehow things seem to have fixed themselves. I honestly don’t know how – and quite frankly I don’t intend to probe too deeply into the reasons, but things feel good, they feel resolved.

Maybe it’s shallow to say it but part of that “knowing” that things are okay is that the sex we had this weekend was probably the best we’ve had ever. Full on hair pulling, nails in skin, moaning fucking. I’d have worried that we were heard friday night except for the fact we didn’t get to it till about 4am and everyone else in surrounding rooms was drunk, stoned or a combination of the two anyway. It’s very unlike me to moan and in a way that’s something i do hope changes over time. A moan can be very erotic and pleasing to hear coming from your partner, speaking from experience and I’d like to be a bit more vocal. It wasn’t an intentional thing though, it was slightly strange in that I was naturally more ‘lost in the moment’ and free in the whole sex thing and the moaning just happened.

The following day when we woke up (afternoon, of course – after all, it was gone 5am before any sleep had been had), hands started wandering… As his fingers worked on my clit, i ran my nails down his back, across his hip, and let my fingers slowly glide towards his hardening cock…

Now, its strange; not trying to sound big headed here, but I know I give a damn good hand job it’s an undervalued skill if you ask me!) but in the whole of the time I’ve been with R, I haven’t given him one… well, ive started him off like that but it’s always progressed to sex.

Feeling my clit get a little too sensitive, I push his fingers down into me and he begins to thrust them into me as i continue to wank him. I feel him harden in my hand and he mumbles something incomprehensible while pushing another finger into me. Driven by pure passion and pleasure, i continue, harder and faster… he lets out another moan as i feel his hot cum hit me and cover my skin.

Relaxing slightly, i see him looking at me, as he remarks “That was a first”. I assume he means in our relationship, but he clarifies that no girl has ever managed to wank all the way to orgasm before. I ask how the hell not, and he says he doesn’t know, but none of them ever could…

my answer: “ah, but none of them were me.”

(Damn, recounting that has made me far too horny…. and he’s not here. Just me and the toys then…)

NK x

Update on me and a NYE to remember?

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I recieved my Tracey Cox mini rabbit today, which I like to an extent, but I can’t see it knocking any of my favourites off the top spot. I also got the TC bullet with it, which I haven’t tried yet.

The real highlights of the mini rabbit for me are the soft feel – it has a lot more ‘squidge’ to it than a lot of vibes, and it’s dinkiness. It’s be great if you were going somewhere – or indeed to use if you or your partner were a little nervous about toys. I wasn’t so fond of so much of the vibrations going into my hand, though it has to be said the vibrations are felt all the way up to the top.

I really can’t complain at a tenner for both.

I am loving the buy from wishlists option LH have introduced. (sneaky, why yes!) haha.

I’ve had a post on LH over the last 2 days about my quite suprising level of shyness. It’s something I’m working on and I think if nothing else, it’s my duty as a sex blogger to get the hell over myself. The ladies and gents there have came up with some interesting ideas, and excellently understand that while I completely understand R thinks I am gorgeous, that doesn’t magically fix a person’s worries and issues.

Saying all that, in my mission to have a better level of self confidence, and better self image – as well as be a tad more liberated (really, come on!) I’m hoping that by next week I’ll be reporting success.

Speaking of, tomorrow I finish my official classes at college for this year – christmas break here I come! I do have some revision sessions next week but it should still free up a bit more time for BED than my weeks normally do. There’ll still be plenty of stress for me to work away with my toys though, got 2 major assignments due and an exam all happening the first week im back in January – what a joke!

Oh, awesome, awesome thing… NYE looks set to be spent at a house party with R. I was wanting that, it’s a little sad, but this will be my first new year kiss which will mean something…

NK x

Topsy turvey, thank ^&*$ for toys!

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Hello folks. It’s been one hell of a few days. Emotions have run high, insults shot at me and too many tears have flowed. It’s a miracle I’m not changing status on about a million websites to “single” right about now, but I’m glad I’m not.

Today things have been better in the main. One thing is on my mind, but that’s better left alone I think. As today has been better I have been more in the mood to actually test some of my toys I took delivery of on Saturday.

I was intending to get a lot of work done today as I’m off college but alas, these beauties got in the way:

The Diamond Dazzler [[email protected]]
Now, I got this free in my order I blogged a few days back. It was their promo last week (and I’m glad I did order then, the Sue Johanson silicone number doesn’t appeal at all… silicone, lovely… nodules, not so much my thing) which meant I got it free as I made an order over the qualifying amount…

I posted up my review not all that long after it’s debut with me:

A girls best friend…?, 09 Dec 2008

Reviewer: LivingFire, a Going Steady Bisexual Female

I have to say I probably wouldn’t have bought this had it not been the free gift promotion at the time when I placed my order. Why? Because to look at it, I wasn’t convinced.

The faux-diamond “jewels” do slightly cheapen it. It is a bit “girly-girl” which isn’t exactly me and all in all, it just didn’t seem to have too much to make it stand out from the crowd, ifs you overlooked the jewels.

When I received it, I noticed it states it’s waterproof; I must admit I haven’t tried this yet – to be honest I’m not sure if I will, purely due to the fact that all vibes do get a little louder underwater, and volume is an issue for this model anyway.

The manufacturers went for the ‘woman on the front’ mode of packaging, but it’s nowhere near as bad as some as she is wearing underwear, so that I can live with! I’m pleased it takes 2 AA batteries, I wish more vibes ran on AA as they’re so easy to get!

It’s easily operated, with a standard twist base, and multi-speed vibrations; starting from what I would class as medium (doesn’t really have that annoying pointless level some vibes do!) going all the way up to “wow”. The major downside to the higher level, though, is that it is pretty darn loud when on top setting.

To that effect, this will have to stay as a toy to be brought out when I’m home alone, I think.

In terms of use, I found the vibrations seemed a little strong in the hand, but still carried well to the tip; enough to allow for clit stimulation. I alternated between clit stimulation and penetration, and I’d say the great thing about this would be if you’re newish to toys, it’s smooth and the girth isn’t too big at all. Likewise, if perhaps, your partner is a little intimidated by the uber-phallic toys out there, try them with this as like I say, it’s completely unintimidating.

In recent times, I’ve used more jelly vibes etc, so this was a really refreshing change – I’d forgotten how nice a rigid plastic vibe can actually be!

So yes, not one I’d have instinctively gone for, but a more than welcome toy box addition.

I am blaming one of the forum members and LoveHoney jointly for my “shopping accident” I had this afternoon. I wasn’t going to order again till new year… But then the Deal Of The Day is the Tracey Cox Supersex Mini Rabbit Vibrator – today you get the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator free with it! The mini rabbit has been on my wishlist for a little while after reading purplejools’ review and subsequent forum posts on the matter – and apparently, it does pretty well on volume too which interests me greatly.

All in all, it looks like something a bit different from what i already have in my toybox, and having recently discovered bullet vibes, (more on that in a tick) I’m totally up for adding another one to the collection!

Interestingly, when I first read that Tracey was doing a range to be stocked exclusively at LoveHoney, I did wonder if it’d be any good. I’ve only tried one thing so far; the Orgasm arousal gel – which I was seriously impressed with.

In fact, that combined with the BASIC vibrating love bullet was what got me out of my rotten mood with the OH on Saturday before going to meet him. He should probably contact LH and thank them – if i’d met him in the mood i was in before that, well… The gel is interesting; at first it goes very cold, and almost has a similarity to when someone is going down on you and blows gently on your clit – that cool sensation, but more intense… Then I honestly can’t tell if it warms or cools, it’s a bit mind boggling, but very good. Combined with the intensity of vibrations the bullet was exerting on my clit, I came like a rocket after about a minute.

It all led me to wonder – in the interests of saving my relationship, perhaps I should carry said gel and bullet on me at all times…?

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

I was thinking today about the whole issue of sex toy ownership. Not so much owning “a” sex toy, but multiple toys. The concept of “too many” and all that jazz.

Personally I see it in the same way that a child may own a lot of dolls or teddies. I know that might sound a bit wrong, but hear me out! Okay, so I have quite a lot already. I have a pretty hefty order winging it’s way to me for delivery (I hope) on Saturday, and yet I know that there will be a time… Not till the new year now, but still in the grand scheme of things, not too far off when I will see some more pretties and have to have them.
I’m already budgetting sex toy purchases into student life when i go to uni next year (there’s a reason I can live frugally, and yes, that reason really is toys and the like…)

Back to the toy analogy. I have some of my older toys that I’ve had for ages, and still use. Some of my newer ones are amazing too. I’m hoping some that are on their way will blow my mind. There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t own lots of the things they like and enjoy.

I was suprised to hear about the state of play re. sextoys in Texas today. I honestly had no idea. Maybe that’s because I’d never really thought about it, but to hear that there are places where you don’t dare call a dildo a dildo, is crazy to me. If you own 6+ dildos, you are seen as promoting them or likely to be distributing them… In forbidden fruit (their not-so-sextoy-store in texas) they really do refer to dildos as “Educational models” and they do not sell vibrators, merely “massagers” (yes, that old chestnut!). They can sell realistic dildos, so long as they don’t vibrate, and they can sell vibrators so long as they don’t look too realistic. Butt plugs are a whole other matter though, you can shove whatever you like up there. (no penises, though!).

It was through the LH forums that i first got to watching this video:

(dont ask me to embed, it’s totally not behaving for me)

Release forms, declarations, counting one’s dildos… I’m glad I live in the UK for once, and before I ever emigrate anywhere, I’m checking it’s laws on sex toy ownership and purchase!

I must, I must…

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Blog more often.

This is it, I promise I am turning over a new leaf and you WILL see more of me in these parts!
Been a bit distracted what with one thing and another, but isn’t everyone? I won’t be using that as an excuse to neglect this any more… Though as no-one reads this, strictly speaking, I am talking to myself. Isn’t that the first sign of madness?

Today is all about sex toys.

I am a member of LoveHoney’s forums (Fora?) , and a regular buyer of toys from the afforementioned. I love them and hate them, sometimes in equal measure. I love them because it’s near impossible not to, and I hate them for nothing more than the fact that they keep making me spend money I shouldn’t.

Really good example would be today. I went to a shopping centre today (a rather large one) which has an Ann Summers. Now, I will admit that I did go with the intention of sinning and cheating on my beloved LH. My trip did involve a notable detour to Ikea for meatballs followed by daim cake… Not very sexy or O/T but hey, it’s real life donchaknow?
Once I had finished my daim cake, I walked through the centre to A.S… Now, I don’t mean to judge here, but I noticed three or four SAs stood together, faffing with stock and seemingly, chatting. The store looked fairly empty, though admittedly I couldn’t see the back where what I call the “proper” stock is.

Maybe, part of me is still the pathetic wimp I was when in high school (or younger even) but seeing as all three girls looked up at anyone pausing (maybe, oh, thinking about coming in and spending some money?!), it totally put me off.

I think I was drawn to the idea of going to A.S. as I miss the tactile stuff, I like the whole looking at the displays thing, the “shopping” experience, which as much as I love LH, obviously, online isn’t the same. The reality, though, put me off. I decided this meant I was DEFINATELY allowed a LH order when I got home, and order I did.
Now, do consider that I currently have zero income (stupid, stupid gov’t (or rather the outsourced company they emply) still haven’t arranged my ALG) but I will grant that my savings from my old job seem to be more than tiding me over, and I felt i needed a treat. I think we’ll be calling this my christmas present to myself though, it’s a bit of a wopper at just under £70! I wasn’t planning that much… But I saw that for £50+ you qualified for a free Diamond Dazzler vibrator which is itself worth twenty quid, and seems to get good ratings. Having brought my order up to the £50 mark, I saw that at £60+, you can choose your delivery date! Awesome, I thought, as I won’t be in on friday so Saturday is far better.
(Btw, what do I say to my parents? “Butt out, it’s christmas soon!” is what I’m favouring if they ask whats in the box!)

And lets not forget, the original incentive that pushed me to order was the free gift offer in the LH mag! Here’s my order:

Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Triple Pack Black
Wanted this for a while and think I really need to invest in some graduated butt plugs to get the ol’ anal sex life going with the bf…
Smooth Realistic 6.5 Inch Waterproof Vibrator Purple
I wanted a waterproof vibe. Nothing more, nothing less. Might spice up showertime?
Bondage Tape Black
HOW long have I wanted this??? Now, to get the bf to use it on me… (I’m a sub through and through, lucky I went and fell in love with a dom!)
Tracey Cox Supersex Orgasm Arousal Gel
This is something I don’t think I ever would have ordered if not for the LH mag! Something a bit different, and haven’t tried any ‘sensation’ inducing gels or lubes so i’m certainly up for this.
Aquaglide Anal Lube
I was going to order the sliquid one, but it’s OOS. Might end up getting that one in the future, who knows… but for now, I think i need anal lube and fast, as i know the bf is missing anal action and tbf, so am I.
Doc Johnson Blush UR3 Dildo Clear
This just seemed a really good price for a real-feel dildo, and I’ve been after a dildo for a good while. I have quite a few vibes but not really any good dildos, and this one looks good. I have really high hopes for this.
Diamond Dazzler Smooth Vibrator 6 Inch
Ah, the one that made me buy more than I set out to! Looks good though, the reviews are positive and it’s certainly pretty! A £20 vibrator for free? well, you can’t knock that!
BASIC Sex Toys Essential Starter Pack
And this is the one that made me want to order this time in the first place! You get 4 items from the LH BASIC range, which I’ve fancied trying anyway.. the BASIC Sex Toys Vibrating Love Ring, the BASIC Sex Toys Vibrating Mega Ring, the BASIC Sex Toys Vibrating Finger Ring and the BASIC Sex Toys Vibrating Love Bullet. I’ve been fancying the idea of a cockring for the mr anyway, and if i bought one, it’d probably be the Omazing one, but if we get on with the ones in this freebie, then we can treat ourselves to that I think! Hehe.

So, a pretty impressive haul considering. If i’d spent just under £70 in AS, I have a feeling I may have walked out with, oh, 2 vibes? lol..