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Just a Quick Explanation of Absence.

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

A brief update from me, and annoyingly ‘life-based’ it is too… Recent low mood stuff seems to be spilling over into sex life right now, I feel so sorry for R, he must be feelinglike nothing he does is right – though I have appologised for it all and he says there’s nothing to appologise for.

I really am very lucky to have such an understanding boyfriend… But if nothing else, I’d really like this anxiety/mood crap to go so i can pounce on him <3 cause I'm actually rather fond of that... and right now, it's no good. :(

A slightly :( post today guys.
Better ones will follow soon enough, I promise.

NK x

Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Heart Throb: A Review

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Good morning my lovelies.

I have been bad. Again. (Hard to believe, I know, but bear with me…)

You know how I said last time “Oh, I really can’t afford any more new toys, the spending has to stop… yadayada” well that didn’t exactly go to plan.

I stopped at Ann Summers yesterday and bought the Rampant Rabbit Heart Throb. Now, I normally buy pretty much all my toys from LoveHoney (as you may have noticed), however what with the throbbing action being totally different to anything on the market, Ann Summers clearly saw that and patented it to themselves! I can’t blame them, and I suspect any company would have done the same, but more on that later… On to my thoughts!

Rampant Rabbit Heart Throb

Things I Love about the Heart Throb:
(1) I think the biggest thing has to be that the sensations are totally different. A big factor in why I bought it was because I thought about how I feel when I climax and right after, and I always do the whole contracting, throbbing, spasmy thing… I thought if there is a vibrator to replicate that, it has to be good. I’m also not always sold on a vibrating shaft, I sometimes get a little numbed by that so a different sort of shaft stimulation seemed like a good idea.
(2)The material it’s covered in is *gorgeous*. Really, it is. If you have a store anywhere near you, go and stroke one if they have models out to touch. It’s possibly the nicest feeling vibe I’ve used in a long time!
(3) Multi function rabbit vibrations; the rabbit bit (clitoral stimulator) has several speeds and pulses, not the ridiculously long list that some seem to go for these days, but equally better than the old low/med/high that the old Rabbits used to go for.

Things I hate about the Heart Throb:
(1) Now, you’re warned about this on the box, so there is an indication it may happen, but… The throbbing action stops if it is gripped too tightly. Of course, that is likely- especially as you get closer to orgasm! I’ve found there is a level it can be pulled out to to get it working and still be pleasurable on me, but many might find this a huge problem.

Yeah, just the one “hate”; but it’s quite a big one tbh. I also really like that this vibrator doesnt really need to be pulled and pushed and thrusted or whatever like most – for me I find the throbbing action and clitoral vibrations are more than enough, especially with the multispeeds. Some people have said the rabbit is too flexible, or that the ears don’t sit right… I did have a few positioning issues, but for me, all that really took to fix was spreading my lips a little more with my free hand… Which personally I find pretty erotic anyway, so it was hot enough to just feed into the whole thing ;)

All in all, I don’t know if I like the throbbing monopoly in the marketplace too much – the motor issues are probably teething problems with a new type of mechanism, but the easiest way to overcome that in any subsequent models would surely be for many manufacturers to be working on it, not one to be hogging it? I understand why they did it, don’t get me wrong, but still.
I feel like it’s certainly new and different and something to be experienced… But I’m not totally convinced it’s earned it’s near-£50 price tag. A welcome newcomer to the toy box though.

All things considered, I’m glad I gave it a go, but I do feel it could do with some work – so perhaps a Rampant Rabbit Heart Throb 2.0 could make me a very happy girlie?

NK x

A Hole in my Pocket…

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

I dislike being so poor intensely. I had recognised my ever deepening lack of funds but I don’t think it had really truely hit home till the other night when doing my sums for home much student grant/loan etc I’ll actually get. It is terrifying, but I really need to try not to let that get to me too much, I know that. There are a few things bring a bit extra cash in (possible tax refund, and a couple of things I returned after buying that are going to get me refunds there too) but I’m still apprehensive.

It does mean though, that I need to be sensible about NOT buying more toys for the time being. I’m starting to wonder if that really is like an addiction for me these days, I find it hard not to buy them! Sensibly though, there are a lot of toys in my toy drawer… And in boxes… And under my bed. Heh.

I seem to be hornier than usual at the moment, running at an average of 2 wanks a day. Not that it’s a bad thing, especially when I got the Lelo Mia the other day, and what with it being rechargable I don’t have to worry about the batteries running out!

It goes without saying though, that I’m pretty much dying to get to July and move in with my other half, sex on tap!

NK x

Come ‘Closer’…

Monday, April 6th, 2009

I find it interesting how our senses are linked.
Sex, obviously, tends to focus on touch as the most obvious stimulated sense, but stimulation of our other senses is what makes good sex become mind blowing sex.

Thinking about that, today I thought I’d touch (no pun intended there) on the topic of sexy songs.

Some songs are intentionally sexy, that’s their whole reason for being. When it’s done right, it can be pretty damn good – in the example (in my opinion) of NIN – Closer. It’s unashamedly a slice of pure sex… Pure, raw, animalistic fucking, in lyrical form. Undeniably though, there are some that don’t hit the mark… for the sake of my sanity, I won’t go into them too much here!

My new obsession right now is with Kings of Leon “Closer” (which I swear is a total co-incidence on the track name!) It’s said – online – that the song is about a lovesick vampire and I can definately go along with that- on listening to the lyrics it does sound remarkably vampiric. The whole feel of the song is so sensual, so erotic. It gets me hot, to say the least. (You might have noticed, heh)

I also have some that are less obvious – like Spitfire by The Prodigy (don’t ask me – I think it’s rooted in the soaring female vocals – maybe my mind’s converting that to orgasmic screams?)

In fact, I just clicked ‘play’ on Closer (the Kings of Leon one) for about the 10th time this evening. I can feel my breathing getting deeper and my mouth getting dry… I suddenly become aware of my pulse and a longing to be ravaged and bitten… (go, listen!)

NK x

LoveHoney Silencer: A Review

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Click here to view my original review @ LoveHoney

My Silencer was waiting for me in an oh-so-discreet brown box when I arrived home yesterday. I grabbed the box and excused myself away to my room, immediately!

The now almost iconic LoveHoney packaging is always refreshing in comparison to some of the cringeworthy bimbo-clutching-boobs boxes that still linger out there in the industry!

Upon taking it out of its packaging, I noticed the weight of the toy. It is fairly heavy initially, more so once the two “C” batteries it needs are inserted. The weight is definitely a good thing though as it feels very solid and not hollow and cheap like some plastic vibes can.
Now, I turned to the Silencer as I live at home (with my parents) currently and needed to add a discreet option to my ever-expanding toy box.

The operation is very simple – multi-speed and controlled through a twist base. At its lowest level it is barely audible over the sound of a running computer. As you turn the dial and head for the stronger vibes, it does get louder and I wouldn’t call it exactly a ‘quiet’ model on the highest level, but it is still quieter than many. One difference I did notice was on the removal of the card tube inside the toy – if it’s taken out the batteries do rattle around quite a lot, however with them in place, this is reduced a lot.

One other noticeable difference noise-wise is that the sound is a much lower pitch than you might be used to from bullets and other wand type vibes, so that would help it be much less obvious!
It does what it says on the tin, so to speak, though obviously it isn’t as all-singing, all-dancing as some newer models.
The only caveat I may add for vibe newbies is that this is “girthier” (as I like to put it!) than some other models, noticeably so as there isn’t much taper at the tip. The rippled shaft, however, feels exquisite during penetration!

Volume levels are lower than many, rippled shaft is excellent.
Not quite as quiet as hoped, a little basic in functionality.
Bottom Line
A good basic vibe, quieter than many, probably the quietest penetrative vibe around.

BUY @ LoveHoney for £14.99 [price correct at time of writing]

NK x

Glass and more…

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Hmm, two posts in the same month, this is getting to be almost like a real blog is it not? Haha.

Anyway, I got a LoveHoney parcel through today. Yes, that does indeed mean that my idea of not ordering that I discussed in the last entry lasted all of about 2 minutes… In fairness though I chose well and my new pretties are lovely. I could have resisted if it weren’t for the damn Deal of the Day which, on Monday, was to buy the LoveHoney Galaxy Orgasmic Glass Dildo and get the LoveHoney Starburst Orgasmic Glass Dildo 6.5 Inch free!

Yes, two beautiful glass dildos for under £20? How could a girl resist? I also added the Lelo Mia to my order, and the Bang Bang Bunny. I even qualified for the Waterproof Ultra 10 Silicone Teddy Vibrator as a freebie. The latter, I’m not so sure I’ll get much use out of – after all, it looks a bit little-girls-toy-ish to me. And not ‘toy’ in the sense it should be. More barbie gone wrong.
Still, if it feels good you might hear a change of opinion coming (quite literally ;) ) from me!

Anyway, back to the issue in hand. Glass dildos. I really think every girl should own one. Or four. (You get the picture!) The first one I got was from and was the Toy Joy Glass Worxx Crystal Pacifier. I like this one a lot, it feels great and started an ongoing love afair with glass toys for me.
The other one (if you’ve been counting, you’ll have noticed we’re at three and I mentioned “four” just before…) is a glass butt plug, also from LoveHoney (which I have to mention, is NOT for starters no matter what they might say!).

I say every girl needs to try glass is that it just feels equisite, and looks much more beautiful than any other sex toy around, in my opinion. They wouldn’t look out of place as a glass ornament, they’re that graceful and elegant looking. The other really cool thing is the way they conduct temperature – they can be cooled or warmed and that makes for great sensations.

I’ll be back later to tell you what I thought of the Lelo Mia too…

NK x