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A Little Pill Update

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Hello folks!

Jesus, a whole month since I last blogged?! It cannot be!

Life stuff first – it’s my birthday in 2 days – I’ll be 21!!! I can’t wait!

In other news, I have gone on the pill. I know that may seem an odd thing to share, but contraceptives are an important part of sex, unless you want to have nippers!

In reality though, the reason I mention this is more to do with my feelings about it and how I’ve found it thus far… Admittedly I’ve not been on it very long, butI thought I’d share my experience thus far. I am taking Dianette, btw.

My biggest concerns about it were the possibility of it making pre-existing depression etc flare up (I do have a bit of a history with that kind of stuff..) and also a concern that it could cause a loss of libido – I’d always said if either of those happened, id come off it pretty much immediately.. After all, the former is too important for quality of life and the latter is the whole point of me taking the pill anyway – sex!

I did a bit of reading about the pill in general and more specifically dianette on the intarwebs before starting them, and all I seemed to read was negative – people who found they got emotional or depressed, suffered a lack of sex drive, or a number of other things and for whatever reason, hated it… It was a little daunting but I pressed ahead.

So, what do I think so far?

I’m really happy with it right now! I haven’t noticed any low mood kick in – if anything it’s been the opposite! I’d say my moods have improved and Im feeling sunnier since I started on it. As for libido, my boyfriend commented that it ‘certainly hasn’t affected that!” – which I’d agree with to an extent… I’d possibly go as far as to say that this weekend just gone we had some of the best sex we’ve had, ever! I don’t know if it’s feeling secure in being on a reliable contraceptive, if its had some chemical effect and increased my libido, or if its just because i love it when he comes inside me (oh god do i love that, really…) but it’s been amazing. If i’d known how good it’d be, i’d have done it ages ago!

Fingers crossed this holds up!

NK x