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A quick update

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Not a very focussed blog entry, this one – I can tell you that now!

Bit of an update as I am moving tomorrow, and won’t have intarwebs for 2+ weeks (might even be a month apparently – *sigh*).

On the decidedly bright side, I am moving in with my gorgeous other half and am so so happy about that, so all is good really!

Oh, and on a vaguely sex-realated note (and therefore on topic for the blog, lol!) any couple who is into anal action/dp needs this.

I seem to recall hearing flatmates in halls walking past when we were using this.. he was fucking me while the butt plug buzzed away in my ass.. and normally we do get a bit ‘eep’ if it sounds like people are right outside while we’re fucking… but i do recall, when he looked up upon hearing them, me declaring “fuck them!” at that point, it could have been the pope tbh.

So yes, if you’re into anal and/or dp, buy it. It also does a beautiful job of relaxing me enough so that he can fuck me considerably harder in the ass ;)

NK x

Frustration 101

Sunday, June 7th, 2009


Remember my rave about Dianette not so long ago? Well…

Now I am far less impressed. Reason being, I have been plagued by Aunt Flo for far longer than normal, far more er.. imposingly than normal, and had the cramps from hell. All in all, meaning this weekend, last weekend and an impromtue visit in the middle to the Mr’s were all incredibly frustratingly sexless. :(

On the bright side though, I think Aunt is packing her bags as we speak, and as dianette is coming tomorrow evening, that should give her the boot out the door she so needs.

Next weekend should be interesting, to say the least.

Not only because I am now so achingly horny, so desperate to feel his cock inside me, that I may actually tear him to shreds, but also because we have my house to ourselves… My parents are on holiday ;) All meaning that he has even said he knows there is no point bothering to bring clothes for the Saturday!

I’m considering trying a new purchase out with him… We do partake in anal occasionally; so i think the potential for it opening me up enough to allow for some nice, hard anal fucking would be rather nice… But then there’s also the idea of how much I sense I’ll be screaming when he fucks me when I have that in… Vibrations for both of us, and DP for me. Mmm…

NK x