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New Lustings.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

I do love the What’s New section of LoveHoney.

I generally have a look at it every couple of weekdays just to keep up to date with what’s around, and to see if there is anything that must be added to the Wishlist asap! ;)

I thought I’d post a little round up of the latest additions that I personally, find intriguing and have a bit of a natter about them!

Inked Vibes from Cal Exotics:

I saw these a little while ago on an international site and had hoped that LoveHoney would get them in! I’m not exactly sold on the pink one, but I’ve found myself torn between the white or black options… This is a vibrator that I can admit I am buying purely on aesthetics, I don’t think they look like they offer anything especially new and different in terms of functionality, but they’re just damned gorgeous! Vibes with tatts? It’s totally up my street, and in all honesty if I’m playing with a toy that looks like Kat Von D’s, all the better for it!

Doc Johnson Discreet Desires:

Now, my first thought when I saw this – and indeed the reason I’ve chosen to mention it – is the resemblance it bears, in my opinion, to the Fun Factory LAYAspot. That toy was discontinued at LH a little while ago, though. The main difference I noticed was the raised little bumps on the ‘business end’ of the toy – I’m not sure what they add to the functionality and I’m also not certain if the operations of the toy are similar or not, but the shape in general is very similar. I did think it looked a little more plasticky, though the white and pink colourway much less so. Definately curious about this one though, as to whether it is just the Laya by a different brand?

Now, something else that confused me:
Toy Covers Non Lubricated Vibrator Sleeves:

The reason I say that these confuse me is this; what’s wrong with a condom? We’ve been told for years now that if we’re sharing toys or going from anal play to vaginal use with a toy, to condom it… Now, most people have condoms, and the price has improved dramatically over the years. Granted they’re not perfect, but I don’t entirely understand what the proposition of these is – an improvement on condoms? I’m guessing a better fit for vibes, which is good and all, but I wonder if the concept isn’t possibly a little counterproductive – in that it could steer people away from seeing condoms as routine with shared toys? I don’t know, maybe I’m reading way too much into this. Yeah, probably… Still though, if someone does know what the enhanced features of these are, please do comment, as I’m not being sarcastic here, I’m legitimately puzzled!

Finally, on to something a bit more ‘out there’-

Belladonna’s Magic Hand (also by Doc Johnson):

Like I said, a little more ‘out there’. For me at least.
For a long time now, I’ve held a quiet curiosity about fisting, or rather being fisted. I have to state at this point that I do mean this in a vaginal sense, not an anal sense… (though never say never and all that..!)
Thing is though, that I have quite big hands, as does my boyfriend. I’ve never been totally sure how many fingers he’s had inside of me before, though there have been times when it’s felt like quite a lot… Yeah, I know, kinda lame to not ask I suppose. Still though, I know I’ve gotten fairly far during solo play but these damn man-hands of mine interfere with that! So this is oh so tempting! The one thing that puts me off is that, well… it’s creepy. A severed arm in my toy drawer? Hmm. Come to think of it, do i think of my dildos as being severed penises?

Maybe the logic falls down there. I do find the arm creepy though.

NK x

How sexy is your town?

Monday, September 7th, 2009

I’ve been looking forward to the results of the UK Sex Map being published for a while now, since I first heard of the map being compiled.

For me, interesting results include:

The city I live in right now spends more than the national average on toys and naughty accessories (well done!).
The things my city spends the most on (at 1.4x the national average) are Adult DVDs and Sexy Costumes.

The town I was born and raised in is in the top 50!
Apparently, it spends over three times the national average on anal toys! It’s also pretty good to see that the folks of my home town aree being as safe as possible, with 2.6x the national average being spent on condoms.

The map has already been featured in a few newspapers today, but more interestingly, there is an edition of Company magazine coming out soon… that may have a not-so-familliar face in it… See if you can spot me by the answers! ;)

Why not have a flick through and see what your town gets up to?!

NK x