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So utterly distracted…

Friday, December 25th, 2009

You know that level of horniness, where to focus on a single task seems impossible, where you feel that hot, tingling, hunger, just there… I know that feeling. I have that feeling right now.

Now, I am delighted that this year is easily one of my best christmasses ever. Probably the best since childhood. Not that we did anything special, just that I felt good, and happy. [By the way, the meds I told you about in the last post? They've been upped and it's the most amazing thing ever, all that crap I've felt since I was a kid is just gone. Really. It's almost scary how wonderful I feel.]
Which is nice. The only downside to the festivities is that the Mr and I each went off to our respective parents, and have spent the last couple of nights in different towns, let alone different beds. That sucks, I miss him, soppy as that is. But I have to admit, today that has really… deepened, shall we say.
I’m at that stage of really, physically, hungering for him. Needing him, all of him.
I need to feel his touch, feel his lips on mine, his tongue to dance over my own, and gloss over my nipples, hardening them. I need to be aware of his cock growing hard, not quite at that moment but the presence… I need to feel his fingers push into my wetness, twisting and probing me, making me writhe uncontrollably. I need to feel his breath on my clit, and for him to lick and suck me to orgasm while his fingers explore my ass. To run my tongue down the length of his shaft, then take him into my mouth, and lube my ass with my fingers. I need to turn and offer my moistened asshole to him, and feel him push deep inside of me, fucking me wildly, till he fills my ass with hot cum…
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
[file this entry under self torture, why dontcha?]
LF x