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Goodbye, 2010!

Friday, December 31st, 2010

So here we are. December 31st, somehow. 2010 seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye (and I apologise now, I’m typing on my netbook and the keyboard does not match the size of my hands!).

I’m at the Mr’s parents’ house, we’ve been here since Christmas Eve, and this evening looks to be a quiet affair. I won’t deny, however, that I’m hoping for a repeat of what seems to have become a pattern of us having great sex on NYE.

This is our third NYE together, and both the previous years, I’ve had my share of epic sex. The year before last, we finally got our kink on, with me ending the night in handcuffs and a glass dildo in me. (I should point out that this happened after we got back, not during any party)… Last year we were at a house party that his cousin and wife were throwing. It wasn’t too big a party, but it was a lot of fun (ignoring the time I spent locked in a kitchen with the CREEPIEST couple I have ever met, hitting on me…). We didn’t sleep there though, there wasn’t the room. We trekked back through the snow in the early hours of 2010 to his Gran’s house, where we climbed into the guest room bed.

I didn’t expect anything to happen that night – as I pointed out to him when he tugged down my cute PJs bought especially for the occasion, we were in his GRANDMOTHER’S house. He reminded me of her deafness, and ignored any request to stop.

Before long, I had either stopped caring where I was or – entirely possible – forgotten where I was, who I was or what my name ecven was… Because that, my friends, was the first time I got rimmed.

Oh, Oh, OH YES.

NK x

PS – new things are coming. More info soon! xx