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Review: UberKinky Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps

Friday, April 19th, 2013

I was kindly sent the Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps
for review by the lovely folks at UberKinky in exchange for an honest review.

These nipple clamps are of the Japanese clover clamp variety. Made of metal, they also have soft rubber tips and a cord to allow weights or attaching to anything else a sadists mind can think up. The grip, though adjustable, is quite intense but incredibly pleasurable – or at least if you have masochistic tenancies it certainly is.

When I received them, the clamps were in cardboard and plastic packaging, which being completely honest, cheapened the aesthetic. I’ve included a picture of them in the packaging for comparison. Were I to give a set of these as a gift, I would personally unpackage them and wrap them simply in tissue paper or similar to give a classier look.

Now, once out of the packaging I found these to be great. Of course, they’re called nipple clamps but that really doesn’t cover all the possibilities a creative sadist could think up – if you can pinch flesh, you can clamp it!

Now, it should be stated these probably aren’t for those not keen on a little pain, and they are more intense than some other clamps I’ve tried. Saying that, if you’re a fan of Nipple Play they’re a great investment and a true classic to add to any toybox.

So all in all, not great packaging, but look beyond that and you’ll find a great bit of kit with real bite!

NK xx