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Ageplay and Me

Thursday, October 31st, 2013


Something I have promised myself recently is that I’m going to start writing more honestly here, even on topics that may make some uncomfortable. My logic here is that it’s my blog and what is the point of it if I don’t write honestly.

Today I want to talk about ageplay and my experiences with it.

Ageplay can cover a lot of different practices and dynamics for different people. There are ABs (sometimes written as ABies), littles and even what some call “middles”. The main distinguishing difference here is in the age they identify or play as. Sometimes bundled into the ageplay group are diaper lovers -or “DLs” – who tend not to have an interest in ageplay but are drawn to nappy (diaper) wearing.

I feel like I should state here that ageplay, either as the AB/little or mummy/daddy/caregiver has absolutely nothing to do with any kind of interest in actual children! Just to get that out of the way!

In a previous relationship, I idenitfied for some time as a little. I identified as roughly three, old enough to be out of nappies (not my thing) but still have a dummy (pacifier).

After the end of that relationship, I entirely moved away from ageplay. I threw out all my little-stuff; my dummies, sippy cups etc.

Now, in the relationship I am now in we don’t have any kind of ageplay dynamic. However my little side has surfaced during some (usually CNC) sex sessions. The boyfriend has been amazing about this and taken it in his stride and run with it in the past, though I suspect that it helps he’s filth so he’s more willing than most to run with something a bit “out there”.

This was interesting for me though,  as in all previous ageplay my little side had been completely non sexual. I’ve found the times when my little surfaces to be incredibly hot though, so I’m happy with the shift.

I don’t know how much she’ll come out in future but I do know it’s fun when she does. I’m learning to embrace my kinks, even the ones that embarrass me or make me worry that others will judge.

It’s rather libertaing.

NK x