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Swimming in the Deep End.

Monday, November 11th, 2013

kink party


So, on Saturday night we threw a party. It had all been relatively last minute, having been decided upon due to the cancellation of a local kink scene play event. We had a few friends around, nothing huge, but it’s fair to say it felt busy.

I’d hoped the night would be a success. I suspected we’d likely play, and by that, I mean that I’d be beaten. Sure enough, I got shackled to the frame we had on loan from friends attending, and the first sight one of our attendees got upon stepping through the threshold was of my naked arse, mid-flog.

As I said, though, this I expected.

I’ll interject a little background here. I write a sex blog, I run a twitter account connected with that, I’m on the kink scene and I’d consider myself to be a sex-positive person. I’m also, I’m now realising, horribly lacking in sexual confidence.

I didn’t expect to get oral in a crowded room. I didn’t expect to climax in a room full of people. I didn’t expect to find myself, legs spread, with a glass dildo in me being wanded for all to witness. I didn’t think that when my boyfriend and I led a friend of ours upstairs for a threesome that I’d dive right in with gusto. Having had a threesome in a past relationship with that friend, experience had taught me we’d both be shy and awkward… apparently not this time!

Somehow, falling into the deep end has seen me come out of it with the most sexual confidence I think I’ve ever possessed. I arose from our overcrowded bed on Sunday ready to take on the world.

Now I find myself looking at all the things I’ve felt nervous, awkward or afraid of and somehow, they’re not so daunting.

Now, I must be going. I’ve got a rabbit hole to dive further down.

NK x