Kink of the Week: Crops

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So, this week’s Kink of the Week is crops.

We only own one crop, from TrussedUK, which was purchased for the bargainous sum of £6! Part of why I opted for a cheap and cheerful model was the fact that I’m not hugely into crops, as stingy play isn’t something I like too much of in my sessions – I really struggle to take stingy. Saying that though, I do like a variety of toys in play and switching it up – even to a toy I’m not a huge fan of – can be a lot of fun.

Something a lot of people forget when starting out is that many BDSM tools originated from vanilla life – and crops are a big example of that. It can be cheaper to look at equine stores for crops and dressage whips. Saying that, I am a Trussed fan, and a good kit can be acquired from them even on a modest budget (No, this post isn’t sponsored by them!)

The biggest practical problem canes and crops cause to me is that they don’t fit in bags we take our kit along to events in – so they end up indiscreetly poking out of the end of the holdall! I do know of some kinksters who have repurposed things like poster tubes and guitar cases to solve this problem – but I’d love to know how you guys carry longer toys to events?


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7 Responses to “Kink of the Week: Crops”

  1. Heaven Says:

    Yea crops can be stingy but they are fun here and there during play.

  2. Jade Says:

    Yep, we have the same issue with crops, but I think have finally just decided to let them poke out of the top of the bag, even though we do have a pretty blue plastic tube that we use occasionally.

  3. Marie Rebelle Says:

    We have exactly the same problem – it’s always a problem to take crops with us. But, we are travelling next week and we have a huge suitcase with us. Maybe the crop can go with is :)

    Rebel xox

  4. dedi Says:

    (Field) hockey bags. A hockey stick is quite large and you can take a lot of crops and canes with you that way without anybody thinking about it twice

  5. Malflic Says:

    I don’t pack mine often but when i do I tend to just let it poke out of the top but it’s in good company since a few of my favorite paddles are too long as well. I have found it will fit diagonally in my “large” bag which is a 23inch roiling suitcase that when used it typically filled mostly with rope.

  6. Molly Says:

    You are so right, our crop is actually from a tack shop and one of the first things he ever bought


  7. Mistress Selena Says:

    I also prefer getting my riding crops from tack shops, they’re not flimsy or covered in unnecessary crap making them pointless to use. I’ve even bought one from the local grocery store which usually has an equestrian section every spring. I had fun swatting my partner in the bum to make sure I was getting a good one :)

    I’ve been looking into a cane storage tube from Freak Clubwear, they don’t have any on their site at the moment but the length is supposed to expand for when you have longer canes.

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