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Roses are red, bruises are black and blue…

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Today I wanted to mention a company and a product I spotted some time ago in the back of Bizarre magazine (Oh, how I love Bizarre…); The English Leather Rose Company.

 According to their site, they started out on a Narrowboat! Growing roses on a Narrowboat, is apparently, not doable! So the creator set about devising an alternative. If you want to read all about their history, it’s available here.

To the left is what the ELR Co. call their Erotica rose from their Gothic Collection – my personal favourite rose.

Between the timeless contrast of vivid, passionate red with the strict darkness of black and the gentle spikeyness of the rose’s aesthetic, I couldn’t help but be drawn to it.

 For the kinky amongst us, two roses in particular stand out in the collection.

The first of the two is the Fetish Rose. Described as being “for a different kind of love”, the Fetish Rose comes in four different colour designs – pure red, red/black mix, rich purple and pure black.

What really sets these roses apart from the other roses at The English Leather Rose Co. is the addition of real barbed wire! Symbolising the painful pleasures to be found in fetish romances, play and scenes, the barbed wire halo is wound downwards and bound into the black leather stem.

It should go without saying that as these roses have very real, very pointy, barbed wire attached, they’re strictly for ornamental use and should be kept and displayed somewhere away from where little hands could grab them!

The other thing you do need to keep in mind about this particular rose design is that barbed wire is not easy for the creator Louise to work with, so at particular times they might not be available (i.e. right before Valentines) and in general it might be a good idea to give her a good bit of notice and allow yourself a little longer, just in case. ;)

Finally, the BDSM rose really struck me. I know so many people who would just fall in love with this. Black and Blue (geddit?) with a black stem and leaves.

The colours featured symbolise a variety of aspects found within BDSM relationships, and the rose is available with or without the fetish adornment of the barbed wire halo. Divine!

I haven’t yet had the luxury of owning a leather rose, but some day I will! I’d definately recommend checking out Louise’s site at The English Leather Rose Company, and following her on twitter!

NK x

PS – anyone want to get me one? ;)

Pleasurists #75

Friday, April 30th, 2010

A Captive Fairy by HobbleSkirt

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Looking for sexy posts other than reviews?

e[lust] #11
Editor’s Pick

  • by SapioSlut
  • With a name like that, you’d think that would be one of those dreadful porn aggregators, showing nothing more than row upon row of vacant-eyed, silicone-titted ‘teens’ engaged in the most banal of sexual acts. But it’s not.

    Note: A wonderful review of’s free content site, for those of us who love but don’t have a subscription. Maybe you already knew about this, but I, for one, was in the dark, and thought everyone should know. Not to mention I adore the beginning of the review.


Scarlet Lotus St. Syr
On to the reviews…

  • Eroscillator 2 Plus Soft Finger Combo by Holly
  • Ophoria Beyond 1 by Epiphora
  • Vida Internationale Vanta by Mistress Kay
  • Sexy Bunny by Dani Darling
  • Touche Ice by Jess Manifesto
  • My Secret Love Passion Pointer by Joanna Cake
  • Turn Me On Vibrating Panties by Epiphora
  • Club Vibe by Kaijah
  • Butterfly Kiss by TacoODoom
  • Jenna’s Velvet G by Jess Manifesto
  • Fairy Rechargeable by Saraid
  • LELO Nea by The Countess
  • Close2you Legamento by Marilyn
  • True Love Passionate G by Jess Manifesto
  • California Exotics Masseur by LivingFire
  • Classic Chic by Nanny Berry
  • Bswish Bcute by LivingFire
  • Spiral of Bliss by Jess Manifesto
  • Hitachi Magic Wand by The Countess


  • Tantus Vamp by Mistress Kay
  • Tantus Curve by HotMoviesForHer Sex Toy Crew
  • Mr. Softee by Tuesday
  • Sedeux Glam by JonsBabydoll
  • Fun Factory Curve by Sophie
  • Tantus G-Force by Juliettia
  • Rose G-Spotter by Faete Grant
  • Xtra Sweet Double Dong by Missy

Anal Toys

  • Close2you Rhapsodia Beads by Cooper

Toys for Cocks

  • Kaede Inflatable Lover by namelesschaos
  • Yozakura Mastubation Sleeve by Alan & Michele

Lube, Massage Oil, Bath Stuff, & etc.

  • Sliquid Swirl Blue Raspberry by Scarlet Lotus St. Syr
  • Better Sex Massage Oil by Jessie Beth
  • Babeland Massage Candle by Juliettia
  • Babeland Massage Candle by Jess Manifesto
  • Babeland Massage Candle by Sea of Neptune
  • JimmyJane Contour M Massage Stone by Jessie Beth
  • Delight Massage Candle by Sammi
  • Jimmyjane Ember by HotMoviesForHer Sex Toy Crew
  • KamaSutra Lover’s Paintbox by Mistress Kay
  • Dr. Love & GetMaxxx by Cooper


  • Silky Sensual Handcuffs by Sundae

Adult Books/Games

  • Kama Sutra Step-by-Step by Mistress Kay
  • Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot by Mistress Kay

Adult Movies & Porn

  • Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Sex Positions by Jessie Beth
  • Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? by Mistress Kay
  • Gung Ho by Chops McGruff
  • JoyOfSpex: Madison Masturbation by J.D. Bauchery
  • PinUp Perversions With Lela Star by FrzKey
  • Bustin A Nut by The Porn Librarian
  • Sexy Magical Girl Volume 1: Magical Girl Cometh by FrzKey
  • Lesbian Tutors #10 by J.D. Bauchery
  • by SapioSlut


  • Fingerless Ruffle Gloves by Juliettia


  • Sex in the Shower Handle & Foot Rest by Cooper
  • Afterglow Toy Tissues by Marilyn
  • Crystal Tattoo by Dani Darling

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e[lust] #12

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Photo courtesy of Emmy

Welcome to e[lust] - Your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether you’re looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, you’re going to find it here. Want to be included in e[lust] #13? Start with the rules, check out the schedule in the site’s sidebar and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~
Flesh – Her mind awash with the thought of fucking. The smell of his scent stirring her cunt, her skin alive and encased by lust.
Putting energy in – Play is energising, at its best; so when both of you are tired, sex or spanking can be a way to get away from it all, rejuvenate your emotional connection and stimulate body and brain with a flood of hormones and endorphines.
A Rude Awakening – In the depths of the night, I half wake to the feel of her cool skin wrapping itself around my back. Soft breasts pushing against my ribs and her groin moulding itself to my buttocks.
~ e[lust] Editress ~
Shouldn’t – It always starts off so inconspicuously. Innocent, like the sort of teasing that might occur now and then between any other pair of friends who share a hint of attraction to each other.
~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~
Comfort – She’s so strong and yet, when we lie down together, she makes herself small and vulnerable for me. ”Hold me” she says in a tiny voice
See also: Pleasurists #73 and #74 for all your sex toy review needs.

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Support Survivors
Top 10 Good Things About A LDR
You Shur Got a Pretty Mouth

Why Gordon Brown Made Me Rant.

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

You may have read the title and been surprised at the political nature. Firstly, anyone who has me added to twitter (I’m @NymphetamineKis) will probably know what I’m like. I’m very political, but this post isn’t exactly about politics, more public speaking, perhaps.

I found myself ranting at the TV the other night when R and I watched the second leaders debate. Brown used the phrase “Gay or straight”. Some will say that this sparking my annoyance is my pettiness or me being overly sensitive, but to me it is reinforcement of a society-wide tenancy to expect sexuality to neatly fit in one of two boxes. I posted about non-binary sexuality acceptance (or lack thereof) at EdenCafe a while ago in a post titled The Best of Both Worlds or Lost in Limbo? You may want to go have a look at the full post there if you have the time and are interested in sexual identity.
Now, I’ve already written at some length about why I feel society as a whole needs to start including those of us who tick the ‘none of the above’ box in the gay/straight category.
The thing is, I really feel that the only way to herald any kind of change in societies sexuality lexicon, comes through examples and setting the standard of what is the norm. A little like we wouldn’t simply pick out two subgroups from all ethnic minorities, but rather would refer to ethnic minorities in the most inclusive terminology possible, we need to start including those who are neither and both in sexuality.
Alterations in terminology from the top (so to speak) are what could help bring society’s perception of non binary sexuality away from the ‘teenage/confused/phase’ logic, and into the realm of validity.
So, Gordon. Please stop leaving me out. It makes me wonder if you think I don’t exist, or simply don’t matter.
NK x

Review: B Cute Pearl

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

are a comparitively recent addition to the sextoy market. Founded in 2007, they have a focus on sleek, chic and classy toys and accessories to really spice up your lovelife.

The company emphasise the toys having different personalities to satisfy you no matter what your mood or desire in any occasion, and pride themselves on striving to make taboo about toys a thing of the past.

I was lucky enough to be sent a B Cute Pearl by recently, in exchange for an honest review, and they were kind enough to let me share my thoughts here too!
 The first thing I was really struck by when I opened up the discrete parcel was the packaging of the toy. It’s really classy, coming in a black-and-pink box, with a rather attractive ladyperson on the front in a totally non-tacky, instead quite seductive, picture. It’d make for a great first impression if it were a gift, as so many toys come in truely classless packaging that can be incredibly offputting – especially for those newer to toys.

Annoyingly, I haven’t been able to find a bigger picture of the packaging (I promise I’ll start taking my own product pictures just as soon as I can get a camera that will do anything justice!) but the picture to the left demonstrates the 3 colourways of the toy’s different packaging colours, and the style of the box. Like I say, really classy, no?

Upon opening the box, I was delighted to find a silky black storage pouch lying alongside the toy, making the dinky vibe even more portable. Add that to the fact that all it takes is a single AA battery, and it’s probably one of the easiest and cheapest to run toys I own.

 I got the Petal Pink colour toy, and upon touching the vibe, the silky smooth silicone feels truly top quality and luxurious.

I found myself a little disappointed that there is a seam from moulding the toy, which I personally felt let the toy down a little, considering how polished it seemed elsewhere. Add that to the fact that the cap feels a little cheaper than the rest of the toy (though, again, this is really nothing more than an aesthetic issue as I think it comes down to it being formed of white plastic – in use, the twist-to-operate cap performs very well) and I couldn’t help but wish those tiny alterations had been made and the Pearl could have easily punched far above its sub-£30 priceband, easily into the ‘luxury toy’ category.

 Saying that though, I still feel it measures up well to other clitoral toys. I say clitoral, as at 3 inches insertable, it really isn’t going to feel too “filling” if inserted and really excels at focussed vibratons around the clit. Still, for vibe virgins or those who aren’t keen on deeper, probing sensations, there’s no reason why the B Cute Pearl shouldn’t be enjoyed as a penertrative vibe. I wouldn’t recommend it for anal use as it lacks a flare so could pose a risk of disappearing into parts of the body vibrators should never visit!

In use I was pleased to find that the multi-speed vibrations travel well into the toy rather than the cap, as so many clit vibes do. Silicone is a great material for vibration to carry through though, and this clearly helps. The bumps allow for a number of ways to play, both inserting the toy and through clitoral play, wether it be grinding along its petite length, or riding it to angle it into the g-spot.

Considering all the factors, I really like the Pearl. It’s easy to clean, easy and cheap to run, unintimidating, unobtrusive and portable too!

The B Cute Pearl is available now at for £23.95* in Petal Pink, Rose and Royal Purple now!

NK x


*price correct at time of writing

Review: California Exotics Masseur Clitoral Vibrator

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

California Exotics have been working for some time on their Couture Collection and have added many more products to the line recently. One of which is the “Masseur”, a clitoral massager-style vibe which picks up where the likes of the Fun Factory LayaSPOT left off.

Available in both metallic pink and a sleek black shade, the Masseur is five inches in length, and a little under two inches wide, with graduated curves designed to hug the female form in all the right places.

Coming in completely cringe-free packaging, all it takes to get going are two triple A batteries and some ‘alone time’. (If you like… the latter is really up to you!)

In use, the Masseur is operated via two buttons; one being the on/off and on to adjust the setting – of which there are seven in all. So many vibes I have used in the past would have been significantly improved by the addition of an on/off switch, rather than having to cycle through many options to get to switch off! The buttons are easy to access, though the natural flow of the toy means where I find I would naturally hold it isn’t ideal for the buttons, so I have to make sure I keep my fingers off them!

(This may just be an issue for me and for similarly big-handed folk!)

The contures of the toy do mean, however, that it snuggles nicely in towards my clit, so I don’t seem to have to do too much work to get it to find the right angle.

The big flaw in the Masseur though, is the vibrations. I don’t know whether it’s an issue within the materials (abs plastic with silicone, so fairly standard?) or the motor strength, but I found the vibrations didn’t carry enough for me. It’s not so much the “I need a stronger buzz” issue, more that the vibrations were… there. They just didn’t seem to be travelling per se.

Being waterproof, it’s a doddle to clean and the box is designed in such a way it makes a great little storage box for the toy.

Personally, my verdict is that the Masseur makes for a great massager style vibe if you like unfocussed, spread out vibrations. If a directed ‘buzz’ is more your thing, I’d suggest looking elsewhere.

The Masseur isn’t on any of the toy sites I know and trust yet, but you can explore the Cal Exotics range at LoveHoney (UK) or Eden Fantasys (US), or explore the Cal Exotics site!

NK x

Pleasurists #73

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

jealous, jealous again by Scott Church

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. For updates and information follow our RSS Feed and Twitter.

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  • MyPleasure $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway Deadline: April 18th.
  • Contest! Deadline: April 24th @ 11:59pm.
  • I Dare You… Giveaway! Deadline: April 25th.
  • Ophoria April Sweepstakes Beyond 1 Deadline: April 30th @ Midnight Eastern.
  • Lover’s Choice April Sweepstakes Horny Hot & Wild Dice Deadline: April 30th @ Midnight Eastern.
  • Calling All Hot Mamas! Deadline: May 3rd @ 11am Central.

Looking for sexy posts other than reviews?
e[lust] #11

Scarlet Lotus St. Syr

On to the reviews…


  • LELO Lily by Toy With Me
  • Bswish Bcute by Dani Darling
  • Wahl by Britni TheVadgeWig
  • G-Swirl by Joan Price
  • Pirate Rocket by Dani Darling
  • Pirate Rocket by Pretty Power Tools
  • Fairy Pocket Mini by Joan Price
  • Fairy Mini Wireless by Epiphora
  • Fairy Mini Wand by Carrie Ann
  • Fairy Mini Wand by Joan Price
  • Bnaughty Deluxe by Mistress Kay
  • Petite Couture Cashmere by Dangerous Lilly
  • Waver Ocean by Syd Vicious
  • Fun Factory Fly by Carrie Ann
  • Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe by LivingFire
  • Bubbles by Luscious Lily
  • Cal Exotics Masseur by EffinSara
  • Evolved Bet on Black by Valynn
  • Fukuoku 9000 by Pretty Power Tools
  • Ophoria Bliss No. 8 by LivingFire


  • Vixen Creations Mistress by Sammi
  • Vixen Creations Mistress by Pretty Power Tools
  • Jollies Thrust by Saraid
  • Jollies Thrust Video by Saraid
  • Ophoria Beyond 3 by Epiphora
  • Aveline by Tuesday
  • Vixskin Buck by Kaijah
  • Fun Factory Wanda by Kynky Kytty
  • Chaos by Sexorcism

Anal Toys

  • Sidekick 1 by Scarlet Lotus St. Syr
  • Crystal Delights by Mistress Kay
  • Nexus Gyro by Cooper Beckett
  • LELO Billy by Toys in Love

Toys for Cocks

  • Fleshlight Girls Eva Angelina by Amber from Scarlet’s Letter
  • Fleshlight Ice by Pretty Power Tools

Lube, Massage Oil, Bath Stuff, & etc.

  • Megasol Eros by Ginger Leigh
  • Liquid Silk by Jessie Beth


  • Electrosex Torpedo Plug (small) by Scarlet Lotus St. Syr
  • Bondage Bar by Mistress Kay
  • Clover Clamps by Juliettia
  • Kinky Cuffs by Mistress Kay
  • Good Girl Bad Girl Wrist Cuffs by Luscious Lily

Adult Books/Games

  • The Big Book of Sex Toys by Mistress Kay
  • Orgasms for Two by Dani Darling
  • Best Sex Writing 2010 by Garnet Joyce
  • Kinky Bingo by Mistress Kay

Adult Movies & Porn

  • Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage by Wilhelmina Wang
  • Mandy Candy by Missy
  • Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out by Angel deSanguine


  • Luxurious Garterbelt and Bra by Mistress Kay
  • Bra and Cincher 3 Piece Set by True Pleasures
  • Bondara Purple Nights Basque by Joanna Cake
  • Coquette Crotchless G-string Panties by Valynn


  • Pink and Clear Nipple Bindi by True Pleasures
  • Smartballs Teneo Duo by Darling Dove
  • Sportsheets Dildo Anchor Pads by mina
  • Fairy Mini Attachment by Valynn
  • Incoqnito Droplet Necklace by Pretty Power Tools
  • Liberator Fascinator Throe by Cooper
  • Cherry-Scented Vibro Dong by Epiphora

Pleasurists adult product review round-up banner

Review: Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe

The Ann SummersRampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxeis one of the latest developments in what is easily their best known range of toys. Once given notoriety by Sex and the City in “that” episode where Charlotte refuses to leave her apartment, women both across the pond in the States and right here in good old Blighty were clamouring for their own buzzing bunny.

Rightly so, of course, as many women have found them to be the holy grail of vibrators. With a shaft that does things (virtually) no penis can do, and those sensationally stimulating ears ready to buzz you straight to heaven, it’s no wonder they’ve maintained their place at the top of the toy tree.

The Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe promises to take everything the Rampant Rabbit has created and up the ante, adding a thrusting shaft – finally tackling what other penetrative vibes could never do (short of a sybian!) – actually thrust into you.

I was lucky enough to get my mitts on one of these little beauties, and have spent a few sessions now thoroughly testing (for your benefit of course, it’s a hard life!) what this bunny can really do.

When you get the Thruster, you need 3 AAs to get it going, and some lube would be an idea unless you tend to take slightly girthier toys well. It’s not a monster, but it does have a respectable girth and many ladies will need a little help to lube up. The controls have been kept uber simple – ideal for those moments when you’re too lost to know what the hell you need to press. 4 buttons – an up and a down for both the thrusting shaft and the buzzing clitoral stimulator. Set the speeds, and away you go!

In use, the thrusting really blew me away. In all honesty I’d expected it to slow down or even stop under the pressure (I know I tend to “clamp down” a little when I get into it!) but it really didn’t! The concertina’d bit is where all the action springs from, and this allows loads of variation depending on how you like to play. The only real limitation is your imagination!

This is one vibe you actually can just hold there and it does the rest of the work. However, I’d recommend trying other positions too, such as straddling the toy or holding it so the thrusts dip in and out, as this has a better chance of stimulating the g-spot.

The rabbit ears buzz on three speed settings; low-med-high, so no pulses or gradient settings, but in all honesty I didn’t feel it needed it. There’s already enough going on with the thrusting and buzzing.

In a nutshell, I had a great time wiht the Thruster. It’s no wonder the This Morning panel gave it 10/10! I’d say it’s a great option for single girls too, who may be missing couple-sex, or even for those in relationships as the possibilities (giving head while being fucked by a vibe? I think so!) are endless.

If you’ve been wavering, stop. Just go and try it already.

Available from Ann Summers: Direct Link – Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe

PS! here’s a video about how it works! It’s the official one, not by me, hence why I left it till the end!


NK x

Last Night

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

He appeared behind me.
The evening had been tame, we’d each not long been home from visiting family at Easter.
Suddenly, his lips graze my neck,
accompanied by the savagery of his teeth
delicious pain, as he tastes my flesh…

His hands roam to my breasts, for they are his to use,
with his hot breath still at my neck, I am commanded:
“Stand up.” A pause, then further instruction, “and turn around”.

I rise, and face him.
He pulls me in, and kisses me. Roughly, passionately, hungrily.
His tongue probes my mouth, caressing and using my own.
My vest is removed, and my bra in quick succession.
His eyes feast upon my breasts, quickly followed by his hands…
Their sumptuous delicate nature in harsh contrast to his abuse of my nipples, making me stretch and contort and pain and joy.

He tugs down my black jeans, leaving me in only my girly Hello Kitty knickers.
Commands come forth once more, I am to turn, and bend over.
The seconds between assuming this vulnerable, exposed position and his return to my behind feel like hours.

The first sharp stings lash across my backside, only slightly dulled by my knickers.
He pauses only long enough to pull down my knickers, then begins to swing the flogger once more.
Direct contact to my fleshy bottom, and the flogger cracks me harder.
And harder.
And harder.

I cry out.
Restrained, as far as I can.. I know we have at least one housemate at home.
But also because I want to take this and more.
To cry out too hard would be some kind of weakness.

My arse grows hotter as the strikes land in quick succession
Just when I think he’s never going to stop, I hear the flogger land on the bed.
I stay still, I haven’t been told to move.
I feel his hands part my bum cheeks, holding the fleshy mounds apart, my hole exposed.

His tongue quickly skims across my my asshole.
I can’t hold back my cries, such delicious ecstasy.
His tongue laps furiously, circling me, then dipping.
He delves deeper and I work not to scream.

As he comes back up, he frees his cock, pushes me further over, and takes me.
As he fucks me, he drags his nails down my back.
I hear myself moan, and don’t care.
As my back arches, he grabs a fistful of my hair, and pulls, hard.

He stops, slick from my juices.
I’m told to stand, and face him.
He kisses me forcefully once more before commanding me to kneel.
I drop to my knees, as he strokes himself in my face.
“Take it” he tells me, and I take his cock into my mouth.
As I suck, lick and lap at his glistening cock, I’m ordered to play with my tits.
I feel his cock stiffen further in the final throes of pleasure, as he forces himself further into my face.

I swallow every drop.

NK x